1What are the benefits of olive oil?
It is very difficult to summarize in few lines all the benefits of the olive oil. Nowadays, olive oil, based on a Mediterranean diet, is known for its antioxidant effect which is used as a preventive ally against the cancer. It is also taking care of your arteries since it doesn’t contain any cholesterol.
2Can I use olive oil which expiry date is exceeded?
When we talk about the date indicated on the label, it is meant the date when is the best to consume the product (BBD) and not the expiration date. Once the date for best use has passed, olive oil is at risk of slightly changing the taste but it is not a risk to your health. You can consume safely the olive oil until 6 months after the BBD.
3How long can olive oil stay open?
After opening the bottle, olive oil will be in contact with the air which in time can make your olive oil rancid. So, depending on the quality of oil, it is considered to keep oil open for one month. In order to extend the shelf-life of olive oil, you can keep it in the fridge.
4What to do if oil freezes?
If oil freezes it doesn`t mean that its nutritional benefits changed. When oil changes temperature or air is deprived, appearance of oil can change. Simply leave the bottle on a room temperature or put the bottle in a warm water so that it resumes the original appearance.
5Can I heat up the olive oil?
Since olive oil is a vegetable oil, you can heat it up without losing its nutritional qualities. On the other hand, olive oil is one of the most resistant oils to heat and we can even fry in it without deteriorating.
6What is the right temperature for cooking in olive oil?
It depends for what you intend to use the olive oil. If it`s for frying food, we advise you not to let it smoke. Although olive oil showed it can be fried in, without deteriorating, up to 220˚C, we recommend not to exceed 180˚C in order to keep its unique flavor.
7Can SAFIR olive oil with basil be used for cooking?
There are no reasons for not using olive oil with basil for cooking but we recommend to use it fresh or adding it to your dishes at the last minute in order to enjoy in its flavor.
8 What is the difference between SAFIR`s fruity, delicate and selection olive oil?
LAll SAFIR`s olive oils are extra virgin. The difference lies in the origin of the olives giving the oil specific taste. So each olive oil offers particular and unique usage.
9Can I use olive oil for making desserts?
Olive oil may replace the butter in many sweet recipes. We recommend you to try our culinary preparation based on olive oil with orange and with lemon which can bring to your cakes fragrance and freshness. Discover our recipes for desert, try our oils and treat yourself.
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