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Our Commitments

Natural and healthy products

Our Commitments

We are committed to providing our clients with natural products, free of dyes or additives and containing very little salt. Our various compositions can be an ideal part of a balanced diet.
Experts who work in our Research and Development Department always think of creating healthy recipes.

Impeccable quality

Our products are carefully selected, with well-known origin and the highest quality. Our laboratory for Quality checks regularly performs a series of controls and tests to guarantee you high quality.

Innovative products

For the pleasure of discovering and for the purpose of simplifying your life, we are trying to carefully identify your desires and expectations and we work hard on bringing you some new and creative recipes. Only for you, our R&D department creates new recipes that will delight your palate.

Social enterprise

We are committed to a responsible approach towards all our employees. In this manner, the Ayachi Group has defined a career plan for its employees consisting of training and development programs, internal career advancements and upgrade of wages. The Group also attaches great importance to recruitment, working conditions and safety as well as to the balance between work and family. Our corporate culture is based on trust, gratitude, management skills and family spirit.

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